“Maybe 2 months past I got a referral of someone to tend to Chewy’s feeling sick needs. After 3 vets’ care, x rays, blood work, pills, shots he just was not feeling better. My referral was Mariann Carrasco of Blue Island Animal Acupressure who was volunteering her services at the shelter.

Mariann Carrasco has a gift for animal care.  Using her intuition, and traditional Chinese medicine, Mariann’s healing powers contributed to my dog’s quality of life, and well being.  After boarding this 10-year-old chocolate Lab several times, I asked to keep him. We had two exceptional golden years together before meeting and working with Mariann.  Something challenged his intestinal system with symptoms of vomiting, weight loss, weakness and collapse. From the very first session, my old dog relaxed and eased into Mariann’s touch and energy.  After his first session Mariann was pleased and surprised at his improvement.  She always asked my permission to talk with him. I heard twice from Mariann, that he would check in with her in anticipation of her visit.  The three of us had six months together where my dog would improve for a while and then slide downward until it was time for him to leave this world.  Mariann’s experience, wisdom, intuition and integrity really sustained Chewy’s quality of life and wagging of tail.  I am a better animal tender and lover because of her valiant work with my old-man-dog.

Mary Ann, Orcas, WA

“Mariann’s sessions have been positive for the horses and dog, Enya. They both respond to Mariann, glad to see her. While April has had an ongoing lameness issue since 2009 I’ve seen noticeable improvement in her energy level and general enthusiasm. She’s had pain relief from the session which is the ultimate goal. My 30 year old mare, Dawn, enjoys the pain relieving sessions too, they really seem to help. Horses don’t lie and both mine welcome the sessions. I plan on continuing with Mariann’s sessions. My dog Enya has really responded well to the sessions. Her anxiety level was high when we adopted her just a few months ago, but she has calmed down and has become a pretty awesome dog. Thanks Mariann!”
~ Karen Pickering, Publisher, The Northwest Horse Source Magazine.

“Since Mariann began working on my horses I have noticed definite positive changes in their immune health and general well being. In our case this relates to allergies, skin conditions and general sensitivity. Acupressure addresses these subtle, yet frustrating issues; things traditional veterinary medicine often cannot improve. I find Mariann always professional and enthusiastic about tackling difficult cases.”
Catherine, Acme, WA

“I recently loss my sweet kitty Purl to cancer. Her long slow decline was difficult to watch as her pain level ebbed and flowed. Several times during Purl’s last months Marianne came to our house. Her sessions were effective in alleviating Purl’s pain and brought welcome visible relief to Purl in the form of deeper, more relaxed sleep for the days following each treatment. But just as important and effective as the acupressure sessions were the conversations Marianne had with my other kitty Nellie. I think it brought Nellie tremendous relief to be able to express her feelings about the stress she felt in relation to Purl’s eminent death and to give voice to the emotional agony that was an undercurrent in our home environment during those months of steady decline. Marianne became a source of comfort for all of us and I would highly recommend her both as an Acupressurist as well as an animal communicator.”
Mary R, Bellingham, WA

“Upon her first visit, Mariann of Blue Island Animal Acupressure identified issues in our eldest brood mare which very likely had been developing unnoticed for a long time. With acupressure, essential oils, and a new feed regimen, Bayside’s appetite picked up rapidly, she’s recovering weight, and her mobility and overall aspect has greatly improved. We are so grateful to Mariann for giving our very special mare a second chance.”
Teresa, Sedro Woolley, WA

Please keep in mind that acupressure, essential oils, food therapy and animal communication are non-veterinary methods for addressing your animal’s overall wellness. The practitioner is not a veterinarian, and the sessions cannot replace traditional veterinary care, but rather compliment it. You are responsible for consulting with your veterinarian with any questions or concerns you may have prior to scheduling an appointment. In any emergency situation, please call your veterinarian.
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