Statement of Disclosure



The following information is being provided to you as the “owner or agent of the owner” of the animal(s) for which consent and acknowledgement of this session/therapy is being obtained. I am not a veterinarian; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.
I am an intuitive consultant, animal acupressure practitioner, and animal energy balancing practitioner incorporating telepathy (translation/interpretation of pictures, thoughts, and emotions from the animals) with acupressure (TCM) and other energetic modalities to provide individualized assistance for dogs, cats, horses, and other companion animals, along with their humans. Your animal(s) will receive gentle, compassionate care based on knowledge gained through experience and courses taken in related modalities.
These services are not an alternative to or substitute for good veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, or exercise.

Name:    Mariann Carrasco
Phone:  360-303-3608

I have read and understand the above disclosure statement pertaining to the services provided by   Mariann Carrasco    . I understand that she/he is not a veterinarian, her/his services are not to be considered as veterinary medical treatment, and the comments, suggestions, or recommendations proffered are not to be construed as veterinary medical advice.
I (owner or agent of the owner)_________________________ agree to have this service for my animal(s) and give my consent by signing below.  I agree that Mariann Carrasco will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by my animal(s). Their behavior now and in the future is solely my responsibility. Should any behavior by my animal(s), now or in the future, result in damage to the property, owners or persons of a third party, I agree to assume full liability to such third party for any such damage, and hold harmless    Mariann Carrasco        .

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Please keep in mind that acupressure, essential oils, food therapy and animal communication are non-veterinary methods for addressing your animal’s overall wellness. The practitioner is not a veterinarian, and the sessions cannot replace traditional veterinary care, but rather compliment it. You are responsible for consulting with your veterinarian with any questions or concerns you may have prior to scheduling an appointment. In any emergency situation, please call your veterinarian.
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